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Glenwood South Hampton Inn & Suites

I was invited last week by Glenwood Hospitality Associates to take photographs of the construction site of the first hotel in Raleigh’s Glenwood South district – the Hampton Inn & Suites. It was definitely something different, and I must say that when I woke up that morning I did not¬†anticipate literally hanging off the roof of 510 Glenwood with my ankles being held by one of the owners of the hotel. :) Nor did I really anticipate the climb up the scaffolding to take pictures inside one of the top floors. There was a lot of deep breathing and meditation techniques employed to coax myself up and down those stairs… :) As a fan of roller coasters and high observation decks, I told Geoff, “I didn’t really think I was afraid of heights before.” To which he replied, “Nah, you’re just afraid of things you can actually fall off of.” :)

Here are some of my favorites of the morning.


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