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Hi, friends!

Lack of bloggyness, I know, right? I’m currently in Pennsvylvania for weddings and shoots while Geoff holds down the fort in North Carolina during the week. But I can’t really edit or do much businessy stuff here because Geoff’s setting up my iMac down there and needs all of my files, hard drives, etc. Also, the monitors are my parents’ isn’t really callibrated. :) Sooo, you’ll all have to wait until next week when we’ll catch you up on all the southwestern PA adventures! Patience!

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you in happy news that Design Aglow, a resource for photographers for design templates and marketing, contacted me to ask my permission to use a few of my photos on upcoming products! Yay!

They have featured us on their “Home is Where the Art Is” Wall Cling templates! Basically, they’re little frame templates that you can use with ProDPI’s wall clings to create cool art on your walls. :) Check it out here! … and here!

And look at you guys (our clients)! The pictures are very tiny, but I can see at least six of you in there:

Katie+Blake – Upper right hand corner

Julie Magill’s pup – Upper right hand corner

Hayden Perry – Middle left

Zitzmann Family – Middle

Renee+Daniel’s pup – Lower Middle

Jimmy+Sarah – Upper Middle

Stephan Schaefbauer’s pup – Upper left hand corner

See yourself? Let us know! We think this is pretty rad. :) Thank you to Design Aglow! We’re thrilled to be asked to participate!


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