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Danielle+Emry // Engaged in Raleigh

Danielle and Emry are getting married at Disney World right before Christmas, so it was only fitting that they run around their engagement session with mouse ears, right? Right. I was there to help document the running around and to try and keep up with their sci-fi conversations regarding movies, books, and genetic modifications (where’s Geoff when I need him). They’re also big fans of cheese to which I can totally relate, and to which it was also very appropriate to bring along the mouse ears (they didn’t bring anything with them but the ears, so in an effort to not loose them, I wore double mouse ears around the park. At one point I asked them, “Where are the mouse ears?” to which they replied, “They are on your head.”).

I had an awesome time wearing dueling mouse ears and climbing on things and taking pictures while some dude drinking something out of a paper bag followed us around for a while to see what we were doing (it’s not an engagement session without this guy at every. location. ever.). I wish we could be at Disney World with them in December but a clash of schedules is keeping us away, so I’ll wish Danielle and Emry the best wedding ever and to totally ride the Tower of Terror for me because I hear that is awesome.


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