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The CSP Class of 2012.

Ohhh, the class of 2012! You hold a special place in our hearts. You took us on boats. In trucks on the beach. To vineyards overlooking mountains. To the heart of New Jersey. In bathtubs. In baseball stadiums. Tied up on the traintracks. In airports. You made us gluten free cakes and cupcakes. You wrote us thank you notes. You laughed at our cheesy jokes without making fun of us… too much.

This year we rebranded ourselves as a husband and wife wedding photography team and officially took on the responsibility of servicing both Raleigh, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. We stayed in a lot of hotels. We took a lot of road trips. We hugged a lot of your grandmas. We wore a lot of fake mustaches.

Here’s to you, Class of 2012! May you all go on to do great things… and may many of you kinda flunk and return to us in some way this year and many more. ;)


    Nothing brett

    so freaking good! you guys killed it this year!! almost afraid of what your 2013 recap will look like. might make someones face melt right onto their keyboard!

      Nothing Carolyn

      Well, funny that you should mention it, because keyboard face melting is definitely our top goal for 2013. No question about it! Thanks so much, Brett and Jess… you guys are always so nice!


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