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Making Fools of Ourselves: 2012

Below is a compilation of some of the embarrassing pictures we’ve taken of each other at weddings this year. There are more. A lot more. These are probably the least embarrassing, and they’re still pretty bad. But you guys enjoyed them last year, so we figured we’d put our necks on the chopping block again this year.

These were all taken at weddings or shoots (the ones where we look half decent were taken at weddings – the disheveled look we develop over several hours is not intentional). All beverages being consumed are non-alocholic, although it may appear that we’re acting otherwise in a few of these pictures. You’ll find that Geoff likes to eat and makes a serious face most of the time when you point a camera at him. You’ll find that I’m popular with the flower girl crowd and can’t make a decision about the length of my hair.


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