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1950s Swimsuit Model Styled Shoot

I had this idea floating around my brain for a while and just kinda needed to get it out. For those who know me well, I don’t take my giant camera gear with me anywhere to take pictures for fun. It kind of feels like taking your paperwork from the office out for an evening stroll. So for fun I use my iPhone or (more recently) an old toy film camera (more on that soon). But – sometimes I have an idea that I want to try that makes me really want to bring out the big guns and just shoot for fun. So this time I did.

A very, very big thank you to everyone involved in bringing this to life! Credit for this 1950s swimsuit model styled shoot goes to:

Model: Katie Markelz

Hair/Makeup: Kristen Henry of Carolina House Handmade

Gracious Use of Her Awesome Pool: Beverly McKernie

Set Director (i.e. mover of pool noodles): Gabby Fekete

The ChaCha: Kathryn Mueller

BBQ Master: Geoff Brown

Concept/Posing: Carolyn Scott

Clothing: Model’s own bathing suits (blue owl suit is a genuine 1940s cotton suit)

Accessories: Model’s own and Makeup Artist’s


    Nothing Cassandra smith

    I would love to model for you. I’m in Raleigh area as well. Email soon. Take care


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