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Film Safari.

In order to spice things up in our camera-photography love life lately, we started using our Holga film camera for fun. Lomography is decently unpredictable as Holgas are not standard film cameras. The bodies and lenses are plastic (they’re essentially toys), and light leaks through to the film via a little red window in the back, so most of the time this stuff is crazy, but really fun to see developed. The bad part is that it’s medium format so it’s expensive, which is why we only really do it for fun. ;) 99% of the time we use this for personal use (most of this is our recent Scott family vacation to Hatteras), but every once in a while you might see us take a shot or two at a wedding or a shoot. We’ll update the blog with the film scans from time to time when we get them in and you can see what we’ve been up to. :)


      Nothing Carolyn

      Awesome, Monica! We are getting the prints back from these in a few days… the scans came in beforehand. I’m excited to see the actual prints!


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