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CSP Class of 2013.

We’ve been doing “CSP Class of” posts for the past couple of years and we love it. You’re all like our darling pupils… coming into our lives for a year, allowing us to impart our wedding wisdom onto you, occasionally having your moms call us to ask us questions. Then you’re gone and we only see you when you visit (where you probably notice that we look a little older and worse for the wear since the last time you saw us), during which we reminisce about all the things that you worried about leading up to the wedding and how none of it came true (or did, depending). Instead of apples you bring us rum or vodka, and we pat you on the head and then you leave (or really you’re probably patting me on the head due to my very short stature).

Here’s to all the amazing people and places we went in 2013. Here’s to the excitement, the occasional tears, the joy, the on-the-road snacks, sleeping in people’s houses that we don’t know, traversing many state lines, bustling all the dresses, checking for ticks on a constant basis, eating post-wedding nachos, editing all the pictures to really cheesy Netflix dramas that Geoff makes fun of me for (mostly Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill this year… don’t judge me), and to each and every one of you for trusting us with photographing a very important day in your lives… and for the fantastic memories you’ve given us. 2013 was lovely.


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