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Kim+Ginny’s Engagement Session in Raleigh

Man oh man, we were lucky to find these two (or three, if you count Levi the dog, which we certainly should count). Our lovely photographer friend Julia Wade is friends with these ladies but was booked for their wedding date. She lovingly referred them to us and we are eternally grateful because they’re amazing and beautiful people inside and out… plus we obviously got to meet Levi. ;)

So third time’s a charm, right? Sometimes you come down to Raleigh from Virginia for your engagement session and it rains all weekend. Then sometimes you try to move your engagement session to Virginia but it happens to be negative seven degrees the day you try to take them. Then finally you come back down to Raleigh… again… and there’s actual sun and a not-quite-freezing day. :)

Kim (longer darker curlier hair) and Ginny (straight hair) thus finally had their engagement session with us after much patience and much weather-watching! They gratefully came in from Virginia and hung out with us for a while and we had a splendid time! They brought with them their amazing dog who has the uncanny ability to make the craziest faces ever when you take his ears and put them out at their sides like Dumbo. We promise he’s not being tortured… he just looks like it? It’s some kind of crazy Levi reflex. So we took a lot of pictures of him making crazy faces. And adorable faces. And Kim and Ginny spent some time making the most ridiculous high-pitched squealing noises we’ve ever heard trying to get him to tilt his head (a success). It was fantastic. And we cannot wait to be reunited with these two for their wedding in DC in August!


    Nothing Tara Lynn

    OH MY GOSH….that dog! How handsome is he! And two beautiful mommies! Carolyn strikes again….making locations that most would never consider the perfect backdrop for her amazing photos! LOVE!


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