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Ashley+Michael // The Cloth Mill at Eno River

Ashley and Michael have been talking to us for such a long time that our inbox is going to deeply miss them, but we were so excited to finally meet them in person and they did indeed live up to their e-mail personas (which were quite charming). Originally they had emailed us and were planning an Asheville wedding, but eventually decided that they wanted to scale it down to be very intimate and personal to the two of them. Choosing Leap Day as their anniversary like the clever people that they are, their larger Asheville wedding had turned into a wedding sans guests at the Cloth Mill at Eno River – a cool new industrial wedding venue in Hillsborough, NC. We were stoked to serve as witnesses for the second time this year, and even more stoked to take pictures with a glitter beard that Ashley brought.

Michael was described to us as “a huge nerd – but in a fun way!” who likes space, dinosaurs, Legos, and video games. So basically he’s us. He teaches faculty at Elon learn how to use their technology better in their classroom. Ashley’s in the classroom herself teaching middle school kids and probably having to deal with a lot of Snapchat references that I don’t understand. They’re both really cute, a perfect match, and brought explosive confetti in the form of a push pop.


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