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Carlena+Andrew // Engagement Session in Rome, Italy

So as to not be redundant, I’m going to save our super long-winded paragraph about how we ended up photographing Carlena and Andrew’s wedding in Italy for their wedding blog post because it’s a fun story. So just fast forward to the part where we’re in Italy, and Carlena and Andrew are there, and we’re all in Rome for about two days. We decided to photograph their engagement session in Rome instead of Positano (where their wedding was) because we knew they’d look different and because when in Rome! (Don’t worry, that’s the only time I’ll use it, I promise). We ran around alleys and dodged Vespas. We got offered a lot of selfie sticks and got rained on quite a bit.  We saw the Roman Forum and got asked if we were British or New Yorkers by a couple having an internal debate about our accents. We stupidly turned down a woman handing out free french fries because we were so used to turning down the selfie sticks that we didn’t realize we made a mistake until it was too late. Rome is busy and full of people and cars and old, impressive things. And we were happy to see it with these two fine people.


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