Diana+Long // NYC Wedding

Geoff and I were so thrilled to finally have our first wedding in NYC! We’ve shot sessions there a few times, but we’re glad that we’re able to end our last year as wedding photographers with an actual NYC wedding under our belts thanks to Diana and Long. We’ve always felt like they might be logistical travel challenges (do we take the subway? do we take an Uber? what about traffic?), but the truth is that we’ve had many local Durham weddings that were significantly harder to navigate, and it actually ended up being a breeze. We got outside Diana’s hotel early enough for Geoff to grab a Central Park hot dog (a requirement), and we were on our way.

One of my favorite parts of Central Park is the pond area, where it’s green and watery but you can see all the reflections of the 5th Ave buildings in the water and in the background, and we were lucky enough that Diana was getting ready right in The Pierre. So we took photos directly in that area on one of the nicest weather days and it was lovely. Then we hopped on over to Queens for Diana and Long’s wedding ceremony at the Museum of the Moving Image which was incredible! A movie theater about movies, there are a lot of phenomenal displays in there, including a permanent Jim Henson exhibit where I got to take a selfie with the original Emmet Otter puppet, sad Christmas movie legend. Chewbacca’s head also resides there, as well as a ton of vintage toys and old computer and video game systems. If you’re ever in Queens you should check it out.

Diana and Long were surrounded by their families and friends as they got married in the awesome blue theater, some family members coming from as far away as China, and it was a heart-felt event. They celebrated their reception catching up with loved ones and doing a phenomenally choreographed first dance. Their wedding was music themed, and they had great table cards shaped like cassettes, and different records identifying each table. A lot of time and thought went into their decor, and it was sweet to see what music brought them together. They are super kind and fun-loving people, and we were so happy to work with them on their wedding. It was a big deal for us to have a wedding in NYC, and we’re happy it got to be with them.

Date: May 18, 2019
Ceremony+Reception Venue: Museum of the Moving Image // Queens, NY
Officiant: Friend
Florist: Bride
Dessert: Bibble & Sip
Caterer: Eventfull
Hair/Makeup: Red Image
Videographer: WeCinema


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