Jessica+RJ // DC Cat Wedding

Remember Jessica and RJ? You might be thinking to yourself, “These guys look familiar.” And they do because you remember their engagement session with their three-legged Russian cat named Misha who could do tricks, and also Lola, who didn’t really like me but let me take her picture from across the room and was cute about it. If they still look familiar to you but a tripod Russian cat isn’t ringing any bells, perhaps it’s because you saw them on the Steve Harvey show (featuring their engagement photos, heyyy!) because the story of how they met is insane and ridiculous in the best way. So insanely wonderful that they were interviewed about it on tv, so you’re just going to have to trust me.
Unfortunately, the sad news here is that when you have a deep bond with your dog, they can often be a flower girl or a ring bearer even if they don’t like people. They can briefly walk down an aisle, sit at the front while you get married, and then a friend can take them home if they can’t bear the reception. But if you have a deep bond with your cats, you can rest assured that they will do no such thing. They won’t be your flower girl nor your ring bearer. They won’t get ready with you or walk down the aisle with you and they certainly hate every single one of your guests. So the next best thing is hiding a ton of random little cats throughout your reception and making your guests (and your photographers) find them. Also to include them in your cake topper. Oh and also put framed pictures of them around. And maybe a welcome sign or two, written by the cats. Maybe also put a picture of them in the kids’ coloring books. Maybe diamond cat earrings? Yes. Definitely diamond cat earrings. Cufflinks? WHY NOT we already have diamond cat earrings. I secretly suspect they opted for the bird seed exit to potentially attract more cats.
We love Jessica and RJ. I don’t really have to explain why at this point, do I? #cats

Date: May 25, 2019
Ceremony+Reception Venue: Woodend Sanctuary // Chevy Chase, MD
First Dance Song: “What Would I Do Without You” – Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (sung by the bride’s sister who she’s insanely proud of, Michelle Huey)
Jessica’s Occupation: Program Manager for Infant Health at the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, a birth doula, and a lactation consultant
RJ’s Occupation: Stay-at-home cat dad (not really, but this sounds like more fun than his real job. He’s also a part-time law student, and an ethics specialist for the government).
How You Met: Craigslist. There’s a video. Steve Harvey interviewed us. NBD.
Interesting Fact: See above.
Honeymoon: Ireland
Officiant: Joan Phillips
Band: The Bellevue Rhythmaires
Florist: Growing Wild Floral Company
Cake: The Happy Tart
Caterer: Catering by Seasons
Hair: Leah Margosis
Makeup – Ana B
Coordinator: Kristi Hartig of Glow Weddings and Events


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