Abby+Sammy // At Home Lifestyle Photography

A lot of you know that my background is actually in elementary education, so I was super excited to turn my wedding photography business into a family portrait business earlier this year. And through focusing on family photography, I’m having such a great time working with kids again! I love meeting them as they’re all totally different, but universally hilarious.

Abby and Sammy were no different, but they have the additive qualities of being such strong little kids! Abby has Down syndrome and was diagnosed with leukemia last year. She’s been going through treatment and recently got home from the hospital. Abby is so strong and brave, but above all, so happy! Her mom warned me that she might be shy around the camera, but she was not! She laughed and giggled and loved to tell me hi, and then, like a 4-going-on-14-year-old, retreated to her laptop and wanted us all to leave her alone. :D Her younger brother Sammy is supportive and loves his big sister! He also loves blowing bubbles and playing with puzzles and cars. He has a phenomenal head of hair, so part of the reason for this portrait shoot was to document his lovely hairdo before his first haircut. Both kiddos also celebrated birthdays recently, so a portrait session was a must, and I’m happy to have gotten the chance to work with these two great kids.


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