Claire+Travis+Makenna // Apex Family Photography

These guys go way, way back with us. Travis was one of Geoff’s very first friends in North Carolina when they met as coworkers, and then played on the same baseball team. Claire and I would go to the games and kind of watch but mostly talk or read or paint our nails (this makes us sound really girly but actually we’re not). Eventually Claire, a vet pharmacist, accepted a job up in Boston and they left us for the snowy north. Travis, from Michigan, was used to the snow, but we always suspected that Claire, a North Carolina born and raised woman, would come crawling back to us just simply for the weather. So we sat back and waited for them to return and now we’re excited to announce that they are back! With a two-year old!!! This delightful little lady’s name is Makenna, and we met her up in Massachusetts when she was still an infant. Now she’s a squealing, excitable toddler who likes to refer to me as “that one” (obviously we haven’t been around her a lot yet) and enjoys holding my business cards for me (free advertising). It’s a lot of fun seeing Claire and Travis so happy as parents, and little Makenna hit the parental jackpot with two loving, hilarious people to care for her. We’re glad you’re all back.


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