Katie+Tony+Caroline+Zelda // Durham, NC Photographer

You guys! I’ve been trying to win over Caroline for years and I’m proud to announce that it’s finally happened! That’s right. Carolyn the Photographer and Caroline the German Shepherd are finally BFFS and open to start negotiations for our own buddy comedy series on Netflix. Caroline and I have both worked very hard on ourselves and our relationship and finally neither of us are afraid of the other and now we’re best friends. Last time I photographed her, I used a 200mm telephoto lens from the yard as she barked at me, and this time I used a 24mm wide angle as she showed me her belly. We’ve made such strides and I’m so proud of us. Part of Caroline’s success can be attributed to Zelda, who is Katie and Tony’s younger and newer dog, who is absolutely in love with everyone. I think she’s softened Caroline’s heart a bit (either that or Caroline uses Zelda as a canary in a coalmine). Either way, whatever they’re doing is working. Zelda is extremely, extremely cuddly and friendly and gives adorable, unintentional side-eye. And Caroline comes in a bit later and brings you her toy moose and sweetly asks for pets, receives the pets, then leaves to spend some alone time with the moose before coming back again. They’re both very loved. And also there is Katie and Tony, who are both very loved by ME and also their dogs. They are some of the very best delightful folks and it’s 10/10 being friends with them.


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