I’m so excited to introduce you all to Denise! Denise is a family physician with a history working in college health and around young people. She’s in the process of starting a private mental health practice in Chapel Hill for teens, college students, and young adults, and I’m lucky enough to have been asked to do her headshots! I’ll be telling you more about her in the months to come as we do a longer shoot together (this was a mini headshot session), but for now I’ll say she’s a stellar client: navigating the depths of Chapel Hill campus parking, literally running with me through the streets as we attempted to dodge rain showers, and keeping me laughing the whole time. Plus she likes cats. I’m excited to work with her again soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more of the amazing Denise!

When I recently posted some sneak previews of Kristen Lee’s latest shoot to my Instagram, I called her “delightfully uncompromising” and I’m not sure I’ve ever more aptly described anyone in my life. I did a branding session for her back in May of this year, but for those who missed the post, Kristen Lee is a dog business coach (!!) who helps dog business owners branding themselves and get on the right track in their business. But – she’s not really a normal business coach. Instead, she’s more of the kicking ass, middle-finger type of business coach who’s wearing Louboutin heels *while* she’s kicking ass and giving everyone the middle finger.

She’s unapologetically herself, and she strives to help other women find their own sense of self in their brand. She also LOVES dogs. Loves dogs. Loves loves loves dogs (why else would you become a dog business coach?). For this particular shoot she brought with her Duke, “The Greatest of Danes,” who is a client of her husband’s in his dog training business. Duke was more like a pony, and I had a pretty fabulous time attempting to take selfies with him while he drooled on my head. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to work with this fantastic woman multiple times, but also to meet the cute dogs she always brings with her. Hair Creds: Synquis at @kawaiistyles_u. Makeup Creds: Shatara at @justfaceitmua

Michelle is yet another strong businesswoman in the Triangle area who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know during her branding photos, and I’m a more educated person for it! Michelle has had quite the interesting life already, having lived in New York City, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She’s traveled quite extensively with her husband and her son, and now they chose Durham as their new home so their son can be closer to his grandparents. And we are so lucky to have her here!

Michelle’s a content marketer for a tech company that focuses on eCommerce logistics, and she writes a lot of blog posts and publications online (which you can read on her website!). She’s also a devoted mother to Xavier and a big fan of moose. Yep, moose. She once went on a moose safari in Maine but saw no moose (I found this to be very sad because I just picture everyone on this moose safari to be SO EXCITED to find a moose and alas, not a single moose). In addition to being crazy good at her job and in her profession, she’s also gorgeous AND it was just her birthday. So join me in wishing this talented lady a happy belated birthday, and I’m so glad I could do these branding photos for her!