Ashleigh and Rob are every bit as wonderful and friendly and amazing as you’d think from looking at them. Everyone loves them, and so do we. Rob gave us the biggest bear hug when we met him in person for the first time the night before the wedding, even though I believe I immediately stuck my hand in one of his groomsmen’s plate of crab dip. And while on the dance floor the next day, some random girl I didn’t know said to me, “Look at Ashleigh. Isn’t she wonderful?! She is so genuine!” and I agreed wholeheartedly because YES SHE SERIOUSLY IS. They are so huggy! And smiley! And joyful and fun and everything good. We are quite happy to have worked with them, and excited to be back in Baltimore!

This was our most educational Baltimore experience. We’ve been there before visiting friends or seeing concerts, but this time we saw a lot of historical stuff too. There was a free ghost tour being offered in Fells Point and we took it because who in their right mind turns down a free ghost tour? And we learned a lot about the city! Also – did you know (unrelated to ghosts and probably the least important fact about Baltimore ever but one that I find the most amusing) that they have some sort of adorable trash machine that lives in their river, sorts garbage out via conveyor belt, and then a tug boat comes and removes the river dumpster full of trash? And that this contraption has large googley eyes and his name is Mr. Trash Wheel?! Look at him, he’s adorable.

So – we met some incredible people and saw an incredible trash wheel and stayed in an incredible city. Everyone here was SO NICE and we were treated like family. And the weather cooperated (yay!) and Ashleigh wore flat shoes and ran like a champion and look at her smile I love herrrr. And Rob is so nice and wonderful and lost his tie clip like 4 times but found it every time! We love you guys and have warm, fuzzy feelings toward Baltimore.

• Date: May 20, 2017
• Ceremony Venue: St. Casimir Church // Baltimore, MD
• Reception Venue: Richardson Farms // Hydes, MD
• First Dance Song: “First Day of My Life” – Bright Eyes
• Ashleigh’s Occupation: Nurse/Student
• Rob’s Occupation: Accountant
• How You Met: We met through mutual friends while at a bar. Ashleigh loved Rob’s jokes & Rob loved that Ashleigh actually laughed at them all.
• Interesting Fact: We decided that 2017 was a good year to get married, buy a house, & go back to grad school. Yay adulting! :)
• Honeymoon: Amalfi Coast, Italy
• Vendor Credits: Officiant – Father Dennis Grumsey. Band – Sly 45. Florist – Holly Frisch. Cake – Lauren Lotz of Lotz of Sweets. Caterer – Richardson Farms. Hair – Brushing Bride. Makeup – Fleurt Beauty Company. Videographer – Brett Bye Videography. Coordinator – Robyn Burke.