Guyyyyysss if you aren’t familiar with the fabulous Amina Ford of Amina Ford Photography then get ready because not only is she an incredible photographer but she’s also the most sparkly pregnant woman you’ve ever seen in your life! Andddd she’s great. Also, so is Jeremy. He’s not wearing sparkles and he’s a radiologist instead of a photographer but he makes incredible dad jokes (well prepared for when she gives birth) and they’re an incredible couple. They live in New York City with their two dogs whom Amina will readily tell you about, and Jeremy will come back and tell you that he’s essentially just a means to an end so Amina can have dogs (we secretly think Amina likes him in addition to the dogs, but we can’t be certain since Amina really freaking love dogs so no promises).

It’s not a super well-kept secret in the community that I’m not a big fan of networking, and I dislike getting coffee with people I don’t know, and I’m not particularly good at being friends with other wedding vendors. I promise I’m not a grinch in real life, I just don’t like to talk about work, nor do I want to talk about other people in the business, and would rather just avoid everyone but my clients. But I do have a handful of vendor friends who have somehow sneakily snuck their way into my cold, unloving heart, and Amina happens to be one of them. We’ve been internet friends for some time, and she’s always supportive and loving and I love her back. We were honored to do these maternity photos for her and her husband Jeremy on their trip into Durham to visit with her family. Best of luck with the pregnancy and delivery, and I hope you’re back someday to visit wearing an equally sparkly dress.