Lindsay and Rishi got married nearly 6 years ago (whaaat) and then they moved to Brazil for a while (heyyy!) and now they’re back in the States but living in Texas (yeehaw!) where we don’t get to see them, but sometimes they come back to NC for UNC’s Homecoming and then I get to do maternity shoots for them when they’re pregnant! HOORAH. They’ve also lived in Chicago and San Fransisco and, in general, I lose track of where they are globally. I do, however, keep constant track of their white cat Bogart who is an extremely handsome gentleman. They have a pup named Roxie as well, who is equally cute because she’s cat-sized and gets along well with Bogart, so I find their relationship quite enjoyable. Lindsay and Rishi have informed me that it’s Bogart who will now be the low-man on the totem poll once they give birth to their human child because he’s vocal at all the wrong times and easily the most annoying family member, but he won’t be low-man on the totem poll to me, his #1 fan (who has never personally met him). Lindsay and Rishi are going to be great, well-traveled, and extremely well-dressed parents, and I can’t wait to follow them along on this new adventure.