We’ve been lucky enough to have Tiffany and Neal in our lives for nine years now (!). We first shot their engagement session long ago, then the Christening ceremony for their first daughter Natalie. Tiffany, who once bought me a very wonderful bat scarf that I still wear all the time, runs an award-winning events planning company and we worked on several weddings together. And in between all the events and the coffee dates and photo shoots, they’ve always been our friends (for better or for worse – they agreed to have cocktails with us the other night and Neal unfortunately ordered a cocktail that I announced smelled literally like garbage that needed to be taken out… and then no one could “unsmell” it… and his cocktail was ruined. Sorry, Neal). It’s an honor to be asked to photograph the Christening of their second daughter Marion (who is like a mini Natalie at this age!), complete with Reverend Barbara Lodge and their family members. So happy to have this family as our friends and a huge congratulations on the birth and Christening of Baby Marion.