wedding weekend.

i had two weddings this weekend – one of some awesome friends and one of a fantastic client, so it was good times all around. can’t wait to post some of these! :)

in the meantime, here are some shots i took at the duke gardens rehearsal on friday. it’s beautiful there this time of year (when it’s not raining).

duke gardens duke gardens

day 56/365

got back from DC this morning! it was lovely there. the cherry blossoms were mostly all down due to a storm they had last week, but a few were still up as well as some other spring trees. we had a ton of fun with our friends and got some rockin’ engagement shots!

so i’ve come to realize that i’m the worst 365 blogger ever, but that, due to my circumstances of being frequently on the road and frequently gone for entire days, that it’s kind of acceptable to skip a day or two here or there. so my “year” of daily blogging might take a year and a month…so what? i only skip days when i’m out of town, and i think that’s totally acceptable. :)

back to business tomorrow! hoping to finish up with a wedding asap and move on to posting some of those and some family portraits within the next week or two.

spring flowers

why 365?