We photographed Sara and Jackson back in 2016 when they were freshly engaged and before I knew that Sara had a household full of plants. SARA HAS A HOUSEHOLD FULL OF PLANTS. They’re all wonderful. She’s a very good plant lady. The plants like her. She keeps alive plants I’ve killed many times. Likewise, her husband Jackson and dog Pippa are also still alive (I’m clearly running out of good transitions) and thriving alongside Sara. Jackson is still a paleontologist (YAY!) but is still not Ross from Friends (booooo) and still doesn’t spend his weekends in tan khaki shorts, wool socks, hiking books, and a safari hat digging up bones with little brushes in the desert (double booooooooo). It’s really disappointing but I still like him. Sara is currently completing her masters and just finished a complicated thesis! She was thankfully not hunched over a computer typing during the shoot but instead had that satisfying look on her face of “I’ve turned in a large paper and now there’s nothing left to do.” A wonderful feeling. Together, they live with Pippa, a VERY GOOD GIRL who does tricks and is exceedingly friendly but looks like we’re constantly embarrassing her (probably because we are). So they put her in a Christmas sweater and made guacamole and I photographed it.