What better way to start of my 2023 shooting season than a 30 second walking commute to my neighbor’s house?! Best commute ever. Was very tempted to send them a text shortly before telling them that I would be late because traffic was bad. Meet Sam, Casey, Desmond, and Spencer! They are most excellent neighbors with good taste in music (if you ever see me wearing my rainbow Nirvana shirt it is because I saw Sam walking around the street with one), good taste in holidays (Desmond is a big fan of Halloween and loves discussing The Nightmare Before Christmas), and good taste in felines (they have a very adorable orange and black cat named Lily who is extremely sweet). I was very excited to go photograph them hanging around on a Sunday morning, especially because I knew it would involve Desi’s amazing Power Wheels bulldozer. The kids on our street all have Power Wheels, which makes me very jealous of them even as a late-30s adult woman who clearly never recovered from never having a Power Wheel herself. But at least I can photograph them now, and so I’ll take every opportunity. I also photographed Spencer looking absolutely precious in her little winter outdoor clothes and eating her first s’more in the backyard. It was a ton of fun to photograph our wonderful neighbors Sam and Casey and their amazing kids, plus bring back leftover S’mores for Geoff. :)

We photographed Sara and Jackson back in 2016 when they were freshly engaged and before I knew that Sara had a household full of plants. SARA HAS A HOUSEHOLD FULL OF PLANTS. They’re all wonderful. She’s a very good plant lady. The plants like her. She keeps alive plants I’ve killed many times. Likewise, her husband Jackson and dog Pippa are also still alive (I’m clearly running out of good transitions) and thriving alongside Sara. Jackson is still a paleontologist (YAY!) but is still not Ross from Friends (booooo) and still doesn’t spend his weekends in tan khaki shorts, wool socks, hiking books, and a safari hat digging up bones with little brushes in the desert (double booooooooo). It’s really disappointing but I still like him. Sara is currently completing her masters and just finished a complicated thesis! She was thankfully not hunched over a computer typing during the shoot but instead had that satisfying look on her face of “I’ve turned in a large paper and now there’s nothing left to do.” A wonderful feeling. Together, they live with Pippa, a VERY GOOD GIRL who does tricks and is exceedingly friendly but looks like we’re constantly embarrassing her (probably because we are). So they put her in a Christmas sweater and made guacamole and I photographed it.

At Home w/ Tiffany+Neal.

Hello, 2016! We’re happy you’re here joining us in another year of photos. :) This year started off with wonderful, familiar faces to us. We photographed Tiffany and Neal’s engagement session way back in 2011. Since then, Tiffany and I have kept in touch over the years as she’s started her own wedding planning business. Then they had a baby! And then we happened to run into them at the Pixies/Robert Plant show! And they told us that they wanted family photos with their little girl and we happily obliged. We took some photos of just the three of them before their families would be joining them at their house for a Christening ceremony with the ever-wonderful Rev. Barbara Lodge. :) Noodle the Cat and Etta the Dog were also present, as well as some furniture that I may or may not have petted¬†to absorb the good design vibes (Tiffany used to work for Herman Miller). And if I have the opportunity to sit a baby in a genuine Eames Lounge Chair, well, I’m gonna do it.