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Raleigh Engagement Photographer: Tiffany+Neal

Tiffany and Neal are a lovely couple who just recently moved to Raleigh from Albany, NY! They are recently engaged and are planning their wedding for late May in upstate New York, and while we aren’t able to be there, we were so happy to be able to meet them to take their engagement pictures here. They chose the NCMA for its architectural neatness and for the beautiful surrounding grounds. It would also be different from anywhere in Albany, so they liked the uniqueness aspect. We had an excellent time talkin’ weddings and television. We also found out that they have a cat (who has an equally sickeningly cute name to our cat, Buckles) – Noodle the cat. He is chubby and flops around like a wet noodle. We really really wish he would’ve been able to make it to the engagement session, but I’m pretty sure he had some important plans somewhere. Noodle, we hope you like these pictures of your adorable owners!

Congratulations on your engagement, Tiffany and Neal! We hope your wedding is beautiful and wish you the best of luck in wedding planning!!


    Nothing Molly Hamilton

    Such a cute couple! I love her blue dress, it is such a bright pop of color in the pictures. Carolyn, you rock!

    Nothing dolores heath

    Great pics. Such a great couple and I am so proud of you. Love Grandma Heath


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