Katherine and Jon are pretty stellar and I’m not just saying that because we have a creepy amount in common and I’d like to think Geoff and I are cooler than we actually are. We are super excited to shoot their wedding next summer at the Merrimon-Wynne House and also to run into them at weird, random concerts between now and then. Jon is one of two really, really excited clients named Jon/John Rush fans that we’ve had this year and we always appreciate those with a deep love for Geddy Lee. Katherine and Jon also love Brand New, one of Geoff and I’s favorite bands, that we all saw this summer along with several other clients in a big, Brand New love fest.

In an obvious connection upon seeing either one of us, Katherine and I are both very short and Geoff and Jon are normal-people sized, so it was only logical for both her and I to dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween this year (me with a shaved head, Katherine with her blonde hair). Jon went as Dr. Martin Brenner and Geoff went as the Demogorgon. Twinning and winning. Or, you know, at least getting candy.

We followed them around Raleigh for their engagement session, a city that they love very much and where they had their first date, and then continued on to NC State where we took a few more pictures of them and then watched as Jon drove his car to a lake and lovingly gazed at it for a long time (Katherine was there too but it was mostly about the car). We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not the car makes an appearance at the wedding. We’d assume it would be the getaway car, but I feel like there’s a fair chance we could see it take part in the lighting of the unity candle or something.

Engaged: Caroline+Dana

Next year our clean-shaven wedding clients are heavily outnumbered by our bearded ones, and within those bearded ones we have two very super ginger-bearded grooms. Dana, this week’s ginger-bearded groom, even realized that he had a ginger-bearded counterpart from our blog before we discussed it at their consult. Someday I’ll have them meet and their worlds will explode, but we’ll photograph their weddings before that happens first… just in case. We are also inundated with Carolines and Carolyns this year! And by “inundated” I really mean “we’ve had 3 people with the name Carolyn or Caroline,” but it’s still very impressive since we haven’t had any in the past. And we could not be happier that this particular ginger-bearded groom and this particular Caroline are also part of our team. We love them a lot, and they are very, very good at karate and wearing disguises. Very, very good.