Katherine and Jon are pretty stellar and I’m not just saying that because we have a creepy amount in common and I’d like to think Geoff and I are cooler than we actually are. We are super excited to shoot their wedding next summer at the Merrimon-Wynne House and also to run into them at weird, random concerts between now and then. Jon is one of two really, really excited clients named Jon/John Rush fans that we’ve had this year and we always appreciate those with a deep love for Geddy Lee. Katherine and Jon also love Brand New, one of Geoff and I’s favorite bands, that we all saw this summer along with several other clients in a big, Brand New love fest.

In an obvious connection upon seeing either one of us, Katherine and I are both very short and Geoff and Jon are normal-people sized, so it was only logical for both her and I to dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween this year (me with a shaved head, Katherine with her blonde hair). Jon went as Dr. Martin Brenner and Geoff went as the Demogorgon. Twinning and winning. Or, you know, at least getting candy.

We followed them around Raleigh for their engagement session, a city that they love very much and where they had their first date, and then continued on to NC State where we took a few more pictures of them and then watched as Jon drove his car to a lake and lovingly gazed at it for a long time (Katherine was there too but it was mostly about the car). We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not the car makes an appearance at the wedding. We’d assume it would be the getaway car, but I feel like there’s a fair chance we could see it take part in the lighting of the unity candle or something.

Lexie and Michael were introduced to us a long time ago by our friends Monica and Graham, whose wedding we shot back in 2012. Well, I guess we knew Lexie first (I spy her in one of their reception photos) and Michael later. Lexie is an identical twin (oddly enough, our third identical twin this season, but our fourth identical twin ever), and for a while we had absolutely no idea how to tell her and her sister Ashley apart. Later someone gave us the pro tip that Ashley has bangs and Lexie doesn’t, and it’s been somewhat easier since then, but if they aren’t standing next to each other it’s still not a fool-proof method and I’m never 100% sure in my answer. But, now that Lexie has been our (wonderful!) client, I think my chances of figuring out who is who will now have a 90% accuracy rate, white dress or not, and I think that’s the best you can really hope for with identical twins. So now that Lexie and Michael are married, it’s going to be Michael’s job to stand next to Lexie all the time so I don’t mess up.

These two were married at the courthouse in Raleigh surrounded by close family and friends, then they had a reception at Watered Garden Florist a few days later (Lexie’s mom is a florist at Watered Garden and did all the flowers for this wedding, which were amaaaaazing!), then a few days after that they had another reception in Chicago with Michael’s side of the family. We happily were able to keep her dress pretty clean throughout the courthouse ceremony and the pictures afterward roaming around the gardens so she could use it at the receptions. Michael studies trees for a living and is really into plants. Lexie rehabs turtles (very jealous of this) and has dogs and is also into plants. Together they are very nature-y and excited to take pictures by some trees and we were excited to take their pictures by trees and everyone was very, very happy. But not as happy as me, who received gluten-free cupcakes care of Monica and Graham from Lexie and Michael’s reception a few days later. ;) Mmm, cupcakes.

Michelle fulfilled my ongoing search for the unicorn bride: tattoos, short hair, and tea-length dress. Richard knows a lot about Star Wars. Together, they had cat-themed thank you gifts and a guest book consisting of two framed artwork portraits of cats in formalwear. Bonus bonus bonus points: Michelle is gluten-free so I could eat everything at this wedding, including all of the flavors of cupcakes, of which I had both chocolate and lemon (thank you, JP’s Pastry, for making me a very happy woman on this day). They were married on a very hot and sunny day at Fred Fletcher Park near downtown Raleigh amid some blooming Magnolia trees, an old and beautiful historic building, and some bridesmaids wearing fake mustaches. We laughed, we cried, we watched people do the Single Ladies dance. All in a fantastic day’s work for these two very awesome people.

Polka dot wedding dress Groom getting ready Blue and white striped shoes Bridesmaids getting ready Groom putting on shoes Raleigh Wedding Photographers Groom putting on tie Bridesmaid getting ready Bride getting hair done Groomsmen in hotel Borden Building Raleigh Bride putting on shoes Bride with tattoos Borden Building Wedding Wedding at Borden Building Raleigh Bride getting ready First Look Bridesmaids laughing Groomsmen portrait Bridesmaid with fake mustache Couple cuddling Raleigh wedding portrait Outdoor wedding in Raleigh NC Wedding at Fred Fletcher Park Fletcher Park Raleigh NC Outdoor wedding venues Raleigh NC Raleigh Wedding Photographers Bride with tattoos Groom portrait Raleigh NC Bride walking down the aisle Couple getting married Fred Fletcher Park Wedding Fred Fletcher Park Wedding First kiss Receiving Line at Wedding Borden Building Wedding Reception Cat signature guest book Kids playing at wedding Coffee wedding favors Wedding reception Wedding reception Cute kid with hat Wedding reception guests Cupcakes Fletcher Park Wedding Reception Kid jumping in park Kids playing in park Outdoor wedding venue Raleigh NC Couple first dance Raleigh Fletcher Park Wedding Reception Father Daughter Dance Father Daughter Dance Fletcher Park wedding reception Raleigh Wedding Photographers Outdoor reception Raleigh NC Wedding Reception Raleigh, NC Fred Fletcher Park Wedding Raleigh NC Wedding Reception Raleigh NC Borden Building Wedding Raleigh NC Wedding Reception Raleigh NC Borden Building wedding Fletcher Park Borden Building wedding Fletcher Park Dancing at wedding reception Ring bearer at reception Groom dancing with mother-in-law Guests dancing DJ Alex Choi of Vox DJ Borden Building Raleigh Bride playing frisbee Night sky Wedding reception Raleigh Wedding Photographers Wedding Reception Wedding Reception
  • Date: May 23, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Site: Borden Building at Fred Fletcher Park
  • First Dance Song: “God Only Knows” – The Beach Boys
  • Occupations: Richard is starting as an assistant professor and Michelle is starting a position in social research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August.
  • How You Met: Wet met in graduate school at NCSU – Richard was two years ahead of Michelle in the sociology program.
  • Interesting Fact: Richard and Michelle play a lot of board games together.
  • Honeymoon: England for work/mini-honeymoon in June, and then a full honeymoon to a beach resort in December.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Ingrid Weber Sagula | DJ – Alex Choi of Vox DJ Company | Cake – JP’s Pastry | Caterer – Irregardless Cafe | Cat Print Guest Book – Ryan Berkley Illustration