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There was a 100% gluten free cake at this wedding (carrot cake, yum!) that I could eat, but that wasn’t even the best part. The best part was the honey badger cake toppers. They are sharing a snake. The catering staff stood around and all made guesses as to what sort of animal they were. “Is that skunk?” “Why do they have a ribbon in their mouth?” Next to the cake sat a stuffed honey badger, a gift from their friend, who walked by and told me, “He says inappropriate things. He came with a parental advisory sticker.”

Monica and Graham became our clients at some point last year when we bonded over our gluten allergy and invited them over for gluten-free pizza and Woodchuck cider. We’ve forced our friendship upon them ever since and get together for pizza when we’re all not busy. They exploded Mentos and Diet Coke in their engagement session with us and have since bought a cat that they named Tesla. They’re a lot smarter than we are but they don’t hold it against us. They had an awesome wedding at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences surrounded by sciencey things and dinosaurs and honey badgers and lived happily ever after.

Date: December 15, 2012

Monica’s Occupation: Perpetual student (PhD candidate, Environmental Toxicology at NC State)

Graham’s Occupation: Continuous student (PhD candidate, Particle Physics at NC State)

How You Met: North Carolina Governor’s School during high school

Interesting Bride Fact: Played the bassoon in middle and high school. Fact: it’s the coolest instrument ever. Look it up.

Interesting Groom Fact: Has an irrational fear of being hit by a meteorite.

Honeymoon Location: Big island of Hawaii

Ceremony and Reception Location: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences // Raleigh, NC

Officiant: Rev. Robin Renteria

DJ: DJ Stephen Scott Professional Entertainment // Rob

Florist: Catering Works // Joe Barnes

Cake: The Celiac Cakery // Noreen Fitzmaurice

Catering: Catering Works

Hair: Alter Ego Hair Salon

Makeup: Belle Trachtenberg

Honey Badger Cake Toppers: Bonjour Poupette (Etsy)

We get an extraordinary amount of science clients. Maybe our nerdy charm draws them in or the high ratio of dinosaur-to-human photos on our blog. Either way, we love it. I’m secretly terrible at science, but get along really well with scientists because I tend to have the same interests… minus the intelligence. So we were really glad when we booked Monica and Graham’s wedding… and even more glad when we booked their engagement session that was to be half-normal, half-science.

Monica and Graham met at the Governor’s School science camp back in the day and kept in touch as fellow science kids despite long distance. Then they moved slightly closer for college and started dating despite less distance. Then they moved even closer for grad school, where they today are graduate students at NC State; Monica is environmental toxicology and Graham is a physicist (took me about ten tries to spell that word). Engaged and still very much loving science, they came to me with their e-session ideas… a normal shoot first, and then the best. idea. ever.

For those of you who were deprived of the lack of parental supervision that was required to do this awesome experiment in your childhood, you can read about it here… then go try it in your own back yard because you’re an adult now and can blow up all the stuff you want! For everyone else: REMEMBER MENTOS AND DIET COKE!? THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.

Lexie and Michael were introduced to us a long time ago by our friends Monica and Graham, whose wedding we shot back in 2012. Well, I guess we knew Lexie first (I spy her in one of their reception photos) and Michael later. Lexie is an identical twin (oddly enough, our third identical twin this season, but our fourth identical twin ever), and for a while we had absolutely no idea how to tell her and her sister Ashley apart. Later someone gave us the pro tip that Ashley has bangs and Lexie doesn’t, and it’s been somewhat easier since then, but if they aren’t standing next to each other it’s still not a fool-proof method and I’m never 100% sure in my answer. But, now that Lexie has been our (wonderful!) client, I think my chances of figuring out who is who will now have a 90% accuracy rate, white dress or not, and I think that’s the best you can really hope for with identical twins. So now that Lexie and Michael are married, it’s going to be Michael’s job to stand next to Lexie all the time so I don’t mess up.

These two were married at the courthouse in Raleigh surrounded by close family and friends, then they had a reception at Watered Garden Florist a few days later (Lexie’s mom is a florist at Watered Garden and did all the flowers for this wedding, which were amaaaaazing!), then a few days after that they had another reception in Chicago with Michael’s side of the family. We happily were able to keep her dress pretty clean throughout the courthouse ceremony and the pictures afterward roaming around the gardens so she could use it at the receptions. Michael studies trees for a living and is really into plants. Lexie rehabs turtles (very jealous of this) and has dogs and is also into plants. Together they are very nature-y and excited to take pictures by some trees and we were excited to take their pictures by trees and everyone was very, very happy. But not as happy as me, who received gluten-free cupcakes care of Monica and Graham from Lexie and Michael’s reception a few days later. ;) Mmm, cupcakes.