We are so excited to kick off our 2016 wedding season with a wedding at 1705 Prime, one of the first locations we’ve ever shot a wedding at and a classic venue in Raleigh. And we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or nicer people. It rained in the morning but it cleared up, and we can only hope that trend holds for the rest of our wedding season. The leaves were out, the grass was green, and we found approximately 15 inchworms on our clothing throughout the day.

The good weather lead to high spirits despite a debate over who should win the basketball game (UNC vs. Syracuse, where Michelle and her family spent quite a bit of time). While people debated this at the bar (as well as discussions on who Negan would end up killing on the Walking Dead series finale), the wedding guests danced, and the kids either slept on chairs or bounced off the ceiling, depending. We are so happy to show you our first wedding of the year. Congratulations, Michelle and Dennis!

  • Date: April 2, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: 1705 Prime // Raleigh, NC
  • First Dance Song: “Drowning” – Backstreet Boys
  • How You Met: OKCupid virtually, Mecca in real life.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Reverend Randy Ivie. DJ – Brian McGuire of McSound Productions. Florist – Fresh Affairs. Cake – Ashley Cakes. Caterer – Rocky Top Catering. Hair – The Parlor. Makeup – Family. Coordinator – Jenn Carlin with Rocky Top. Transportation – The Bridge Bus.

I (Carolyn) would like to take a moment to puff up my chest a second here and claim responsibility for putting these two together. I really didn’t… I guess… but I kind of did! So I’m claiming it. I first met Stephanie in super early 2012 when she hired me to take portraits of her for her website. We don’t usually take work like this, but I kinda fell in love with her humor and attitude and took her on, we took awesome pictures, the end. Only it wasn’t the end! She also used those pictures on her online dating profile… and Matt saw them. :) SO I’M TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, RIGHT!? Right!! :)

Matt saw them, also met her, and also presumably fell in love with her humor and attitude. Only instead of taking her on for a portrait session, he proposed, they got married at Marbles, and here we were a little while later shooting their wedding. :) There was a brief period of getting ready, a brief ceremony, brief portraits, then a whole lotta reception with… wait for it… wait for it… breakfast for dinner. This, my dear readers, was the best thing I’ve ever heard of in terms of food at a reception. The even better part is that there were celiacs in her family so there were gluten-free pancakes for us!! Gluten-free pancakes with freakin’ Reese’s Pieces in them! And bacon! And omelets! And cranberry juice! I never write about (or blog pictures of) the food at weddings but I had to for this one because this was the best thing I’d ever seen and some of you pondering what to eat for next year should probably take notes because who doesn’t love breakfast? Evil people, that’s who.

Anyway – we were so honored to be asked to do this wedding. It’s really cool when you photograph someone and they keep bringing you back. :) We met Matt at the wedding and LOVED HIM. Almost as much as the Reese’s Pieces in our gluten-free pancakes. Well, maybe more. ;) He treats Stephanie like gold and you can see that he really loves her. They’re adorable together and we had an awesome time at their wedding. Congratulations, you two, and don’t forget what pictures started all this. ;) :P

Date: June 8, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Marbles Kids Museum // Raleigh, NC

First Dance Song: “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” – Frank Sinatra

How You Met: Online at OKCupid.com

Interesting Bride Fact: Fierce competitor and once ROBBED of $20 by the Plinko machine at Frankie’s!

Interesting Groom Fact: Foremost expert of the heel-toe downshift, which the bride finds utterly sexy in action.

Honeymoon Destination: Cruise boating to Alaska! Then living it up on the Columbia Gorge!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Ingrid Weber Sagula | DJ – Ken Holmes | Florist – Purple Poppy | Cake – Blue Moon | Caterer – Rocky Top Hospitality | Hair/Makeup – Makeup For Your Day

Our favorite getting ready spot is always the couple’s own house. We really like seeing other peoples’ houses, for one thing, as it tells you a lot about them. This is always substantially more relaxed, for another thing, especially if they get ready in the same house at the same time. But the third and most important reason why our favorite getting ready spot is the couple’s own house is that we’re typically surrounded by cats or dogs who make everything better for cute, furry, obvious reasons.

There were 3 cats in this house, but only one visible, unhidden cat who had taken a fond liking to Andrea’s wedding dress. The dog’s name is Sweet Penny Scoot Scoots, age 4. She’s possibly won the award for the most nervous flower girl ever, and we’ve seen a lot of nervous flower girls. She was won over eventually with treats and a bow and walked bravely down the aisle for her very doting parents, Andrea and Mark.

Andrea and Mark were married at Mark’s uncle’s house and had their ceremony officiated by Mark’s other uncle. The ceremony was the first we’ve attended to mention Tupac and a vow to “seek help before quitting the marriage,” and was clearly the best ceremony ever. Family threw Hersey Kisses at them afterward (no dresses were harmed) and the DJ actually still spun real records with a set list that was epic and reminiscent of every 90s roller skating party I’ve ever attended (in a good way). They drove off at the end of the night to Mojo’s where their pictures are up on the wall 3 times for eating hamburgers. :)

Date: May 4, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Private Residence // Raleigh, NC

Andrea’s Occupation: Massage Therapist

Mark’s Occupation: Superintendent

How You Met: Through a friend at the Pour House

Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Dr. Bobby Wineburg | DJ – Aharon Segal of DJ Gonzo | Caterer – Food Simply Fresh with Kelly Delaire | Hair/Makeup – Amanda Daniels