Our favorite getting ready spot is always the couple’s own house. We really like seeing other peoples’ houses, for one thing, as it tells you a lot about them. This is always substantially more relaxed, for another thing, especially if they get ready in the same house at the same time. But the third and most important reason why our favorite getting ready spot is the couple’s own house is that we’re typically surrounded by cats or dogs who make everything better for cute, furry, obvious reasons.

There were 3 cats in this house, but only one visible, unhidden cat who had taken a fond liking to Andrea’s wedding dress. The dog’s name is Sweet Penny Scoot Scoots, age 4. She’s possibly won the award for the most nervous flower girl ever, and we’ve seen a lot of nervous flower girls. She was won over eventually with treats and a bow and walked bravely down the aisle for her very doting parents, Andrea and Mark.

Andrea and Mark were married at Mark’s uncle’s house and had their ceremony officiated by Mark’s other uncle. The ceremony was the first we’ve attended to mention Tupac and a vow to “seek help before quitting the marriage,” and was clearly the best ceremony ever. Family threw Hersey Kisses at them afterward (no dresses were harmed) and the DJ actually still spun real records with a set list that was epic and reminiscent of every 90s roller skating party I’ve ever attended (in a good way). They drove off at the end of the night to Mojo’s where their pictures are up on the wall 3 times for eating hamburgers. :)

Date: May 4, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Private Residence // Raleigh, NC

Andrea’s Occupation: Massage Therapist

Mark’s Occupation: Superintendent

How You Met: Through a friend at the Pour House

Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Dr. Bobby Wineburg | DJ – Aharon Segal of DJ Gonzo | Caterer – Food Simply Fresh with Kelly Delaire | Hair/Makeup – Amanda Daniels

Jenna and Josh’s wedding was one of those super chill, relaxed, southern, backyard weddings that makes a northern girl like myself want to say “ya’ll.” There was BBQ, a little friendly dog, the cutest flower girl in the world, and homemade sweet tea that Jenna and Josh bottled themselves. They were married in front of huge North Carolina pines in Stem in the backyard of Josh’s parents’. Then they ate, danced, and played cornhole on the gorgeous property until the stars came out (and then they danced some more in the car port).

Jenna and Josh have been wonderful clients this whole year – having me do their engagement photos and pictures of the adorable Jack and Lola (their dogs) – and I was happy to see their wedding finally arrive. Josh works in the narcotics department for the police, and Jenna is a 911 operator. Together, they are a super sweet and nice couple with equally super sweet and nice family and friends. Enjoy their southern wedding!

Date: September 10th, 2011

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Private Residence

Officiant: Pastor Ronnie Bradford

Cake: Judy Kendrick

DJ: Sounds Good Mobile Entertainment

Florist: Lisa’s House of Flowers

Decor: Lorna+Fran Perry and Rhonda+Bobby Walters

They had a lovely little space between two trees where they attached a large rope and had pictures hung up with clotheslines across it. There is nothing better than seeing little kid pictures of people who you didn’t know when they were a little kid. :) These cracked me up! Little adorable Jenna and Josh grew into very beautiful Jenna and handsome Josh. :) Loving Little Jenna’s hair clip and Little Josh’s rad Ninja Turtle sweater!

Congratulations, Jenna+Josh! We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and wish you nothing but the best with your new family (yourselves and the dogs… which, obviously, were already family… but, well, you know what we mean). ;)

Ohhh, Liz and Chris! Remember their adorable engagement session on Liz’s mom’s horse farm? I knew their wedding would be as great as they are, and it was. :) Not only are they beautiful inside and out, they are perfect together and have a wonderful and supportive system of family and friends. We had a great time. It was a perfect outdoor ceremony and reception on a gorgeous day and had that subtle but sweet touch of southern charm. :) I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding to photograph on their day!

Date: June 4, 2011

Venue: Weymouth Center, James Boyd House // Southern Pines, NC

Flowers: Aldena Frye Custom Floral Design

Caterer: Sweet Feed

Cake: The Bakehouse

Officiant: Reverend Stephen Huber

Reception Band: Christabel & The Jons

Ceremony Musicians: Jan Johannson (violinist), Julie Elkins (guitarist)

This is one of most gorgeous floral arrangements I’ve seen. Aldena Frye did a magnificent job on the bouquets and boutonnieres.

Liz and Chris didn’t do a first look as they spent the morning preparing for the wedding themselves. They met in the James Boyd library along with the rest of their family for toasts before the ceremony.

Absolutely adore the multiple cake table in every single way. The Bakehouse did an awesome job and yes, that is a sword in the front. They used it to cut their cake (awesome!!!). It belonged to Liz’s grandfather and has been used to cut several wedding cakes in their family.

That pine tree to your left is over 400 years old! Imagine all the weddings it’s seen. :)

I love this cute candid to the right that Geoff caught as they were walking to their receiving line.

I was beyond words excited for Christabel & The Jons. Not only were they our first live band to photograph during a wedding (it’s way overdue!), but they didn’t play covers, but rather their own music, which was beautiful. They are from Tennessee and play a beautiful mixture of swing, blues, and jazz. SO highly recommend it’s not even funny. Check out their link in the above vendor section if you’re looking for a band or just want to hear some sweet music. They tour all over as well, so you might be able to catch them some night locally.

This is one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken. Liz, you’re beautiful! Weymouth Center, you’re beautiful!

CAKE CUTTING WITH A SWORD! Aaaaamazing. Watch out there, Chris.

Seriously, what a beautiful beautiful wedding. The following conversation took place between Liz and I about a wedding before the wedding:

C: Is there a tent?

L: No, I don’t like tents.

C: Is there a rain back-up plan?

L: No, we’re just hoping it doesn’t rain.

Hahaha I though that Liz’s faith in the weather was utterly amazing and it definitely worked. And I definitely have to agree with her on the fact that I think a tent would’ve ruined the mood of this particular wedding. It just had too much of a gardeny summer night feel and a tent would’ve taken it away. We shot the reception slightly different because of it, alternating methods between the two of us, but I love how it turned out (and it was infinitely less stressful, so we may be switching over soon).

Congratulations, Liz and Chris! We wish you and your family the very best moving forward into married life! We had an amazing day with you!