We get an extraordinary amount of science clients. Maybe our nerdy charm draws them in or the high ratio of dinosaur-to-human photos on our blog. Either way, we love it. I’m secretly terrible at science, but get along really well with scientists because I tend to have the same interests… minus the intelligence. So we were really glad when we booked Monica and Graham’s wedding… and even more glad when we booked their engagement session that was to be half-normal, half-science.

Monica and Graham met at the Governor’s School science camp back in the day and kept in touch as fellow science kids despite long distance. Then they moved slightly closer for college and started dating despite less distance. Then they moved even closer for grad school, where they today are graduate students at NC State; Monica is environmental toxicology and Graham is a physicist (took me about ten tries to spell that word). Engaged and still very much loving science, they came to me with their e-session ideas… a normal shoot first, and then the best. idea. ever.

For those of you who were deprived of the lack of parental supervision that was required to do this awesome experiment in your childhood, you can read about it here… then go try it in your own back yard because you’re an adult now and can blow up all the stuff you want! For everyone else: REMEMBER MENTOS AND DIET COKE!? THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.