It was so fun reuniting with Amber and Nick! Last time I photographed them, Amber was pregnant with Quinn, and now Quinn is an active and spunky child who really just wanted to play hide and seek instead of taking photos but who begrudgingly permitted photos anyway. She is a highly entertaining force who enjoys art, microscopes, animals, and baking. After taking a nap at school when she was younger, Quinn developed the habit of waking up at 4am, so Amber would supply Quinn with a variety of baking ingredients to occupy her. No recipe, just a bunch of different things that you could hypothetically make a cookie or a pancake with. Quinn would mix a bunch of things together to her satisfaction, and Amber and Nick then developed the tradition of actually baking whatever it was she put together and eating it (or attempting to eat it, depending on the ingredient combination I suppose). I think this is absolutely delightful. So now Quinn loves to bake. She’s still experimenting. Nick says that most of her experiments end in a crepe-like quality, so I suggested adding Nutella to the ingredient line-up, which was a stunning success according to Quinn, Amber, and Nick. Evie, the older sister, however, did not try it, which I think is potentially a safe route to take depending on experiments you’ve eaten in the past.

Evie is a total delight. She’s in high school between her freshman and sophomore year, and typically that age of people is not thought of as delightful, but Evie really is. She is kind and considerate and smart and enjoys Nirvana and the Ramones and taking Japanese. She loves her dogs and plays instruments and enjoys playing with Quinn. She’s a super good kid and I had a great time getting to know her. She has a picture of Dolly Parton holding a kitten in her room and I think that’s the best. She called Nick’s taste in music “Dad Rock” and now I realize that the term “Dad Rock” is used to describe music I listened to in high school instead of what my dad listened to in high school, and that was a startling realization on my end. Moon and Theo the Dogs also joined us – Moon is a quiet elder doggo and Theo is fluffy chaos energy and I love them both. It was so great photographing these guys all together in this moment. They are a creative and amazing family.

It was such a joy to be asked by Tosha and Brian, the talented photographer and DJ duo behind Story+Rhythm, to photograph their new branding photos for them! We worked with them back in 2015 (time flies!) and so I was super excited to reunite with them! Tosha is the photographer in this relationship and Brian is the DJ. Sometimes they work together, and sometimes separately. I think it’s neat how they’re partners in the same industry but have completely different jobs and roles. It’s always fascinating to talk with different vendors to see what happens to them behind the wedding scenes! So Tosha, Brian, and myself walked about the city and discussed weddings and venues and photography life without Geoff. Geoff’s been missing all of my recent client reunions because he’s retired now, but he did happen to be downtown for a work conference on this particular day and was sticking around so we could go see Coheed afterward at the Ritz. While my face was in the viewfinder, he sidled up next to me and I definitely thought my camera was going to get stolen, but nope, it was just Geoff. So he did get to say hello to Tosha and Brian – hah! It was so much fun to work with them again. If you need a wedding photographer or a DJ, please check out their awesome work!

Jane and Alex are engageeeed(!) and getting married in MEXICO (jealousss) and hired me to photograph their engagement portraits (yaaaaay!) under the stipulation that we try our best to avoid ticks (ewwwwww). Jane has gorgeous hair and incredibly fit upper arms, and Alex has very impressive eyelashes in an almost-Richard-from-Lost type of fashion. They are very cute. They have also lived in every state beginning with the letter C, visited 46/50 states, and have both lived abroad, which is so impressive! We had fun discussing their travels, work, and hobbies. They met while they were both attending Wake Forest and now live happily in Durham with their two dogs. They spend a good deal of their time now browsing PetFinder, and trying to convince one another that they don’t need a third dog. When not contemplating the pitfalls of life with three dogs, Jane spends her time lifting heavy things, and Alex spends his watching baseball or playing video games. Together they’re rock-solid, and they can thankfully both lift each other in a pinch should the occasion arise where the floor would suddenly become lava and they’d need to take turns carrying one another to safety. I enjoyed working with them very much, and thankfully all ticks were avoided during this shoot.