The last time I met Ralfi he was an itty bitty baby and now he is somehow 5 (?!) and he and his parents are somehow just as adorable as they were half a decade ago. Although now everyone knows way more about EDM than they did back then. And if you meet Ralfi, he will 100% tell you about EDM and also maybe even drop the beat on his Casio keyboard for you. Ralfi also enjoys breakdancing, but not on slippery carpets on hardwood floors. A sturdy surface is required – safety first – and I respect it. He is a high-energy wonder kid who loves Legos and coloring and I am extremely jealous of his race car bed. He is a Lego Master Builder who makes awesome stuff without any instructions. He has [coincidentally and accidentally] made a near-identical replica of the Waterworld set even though he hasn’t seen a Kevin Costner movie yet. We had a great time pretending that the floor was made of lava, and a less great time having a Redi Whip fight that went sideways when the Redi Whip can malfunctioned, causing Ralfi to be defenseless against the adults (he’s since made a full recovery). It’s always a joy to see Sarah and Chris and so it was an extra joy to see the great kid that Ralfi is now!