Remember these guys from last year?! They’re back, and I couldn’t be happier to document them again exactly one year later in the same spot with Gabby (mom), Mike (dad), and Max (dog) looking pretty much the same but the kids a lot taller and with longer hair and a newfound love for plastic dinosaurs (this is why they’re my clients). All four of them had on cute shoes. Max didn’t have on cute shoes, but he had a cool skull and crossbones leash. Gabby and I determined that we both bought the same jeans at Old Navy because they’re supposed to be clam-digger height on normal humans but they’re regular jean length on us, and we’re really happy about that because we don’t have to hem them. Their ever-faithful and awesome neighbor ChaCha came with us to wrangle Max and help block out light with her sweater and tell me about gluten-free things. We all romped around the woods, made a bunch of ridiculous faces, and ran around until Olive puked. Then we removed the puked on sweater and continued. All in a day’s work.