We were so honored to be asked by Sara and Sam, two amazing photographers behind McCormick and Moore Photography in Holly Springs, to shoot some promo shots for them as well as an updated couple session in and around their house. They have four cats so we said absolutely (we would’ve said yes anyway, but sometimes I need the blog to sound dramatic). We got to meet some of the cats (including, briefly, Lady Esmeralda von Poofington, the best cat name of all time), and we also got to teach Sara and Sam how to appropriately name the plagues and diseases that you’re spreading through the world in the board game Pandemic (it’s no fun unless you name them). They like a lot of games and a lot of good tv. Sara likes reading and making jewelry, and Sam likes cooking and the numbers 6 and 28. But when they’re not being awesome at home, they’re being awesome out taking pictures of families, pets, and kids at their photo business, and we couldn’t be happier to be asked to take pictures of these two photographers!

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Lauren+Nick In The Airport

Lauren and Nick travel a lot. They fly almost every weekend either to go somewhere together or to meet up some place in between. Nick lives in Georgia and Lauren is in North Carolina even though Nick is originally from Connecticut and Lauren is originally from Michigan and then Kansas and then Indiana and then Georgia and then France and then Ohio and then Orlando. Their first “date” was to Argentina. Well, they went there as friends, and came back as a couple. So yeah, they travel a lot. I think you got that part by now.

So what better place to do engagement photos than the airport? Thanks to RDU for giving us permission to do this… we exchanged a few e-mails and met up with the security guards there who offered to photobomb our pictures. Very nice guys. Lauren and Nick spent the time running around the entrance to Terminal 2 and the the parking garage. We were all slightly nervous that we’d be constantly stared at, but everyone was too busy trying to actually get somewhere, so we were left pretty much alone to be goofy, talk about Pearl Jam, and watch as Lauren tried to eat Nick’s face in almost every picture (non-face-eating pictures are below).

**And folks, this is our last official shoot (and hence blog post) of 2012!! What! I’ll be writing a Best of 2012 blog post in early January as well as an Outtakes of 2012 blog post, but until then, this is going to have to tide you over. ;) We wish all of our AMAZING clients and friends a very happy holiday and safe holiday season and New Year! Between blog posts, you can catch up on our rants and occasional meaningless insights on our Facebook Page!**

Remember these guys from last year?! They’re back, and I couldn’t be happier to document them again exactly one year later in the same spot with Gabby (mom), Mike (dad), and Max (dog) looking pretty much the same but the kids a lot taller and with longer hair and a newfound love for plastic dinosaurs (this is why they’re my clients). All four of them had on cute shoes. Max didn’t have on cute shoes, but he had a cool skull and crossbones leash. Gabby and I determined that we both bought the same jeans at Old Navy because they’re supposed to be clam-digger height on normal humans but they’re regular jean length on us, and we’re really happy about that because we don’t have to hem them. Their ever-faithful and awesome neighbor ChaCha came with us to wrangle Max and help block out light with her sweater and tell me about gluten-free things. We all romped around the woods, made a bunch of ridiculous faces, and ran around until Olive puked. Then we removed the puked on sweater and continued. All in a day’s work.