Just a normal, lovely day photographing this family in Holly Springs. Surrounded by sensational skulls, beautiful bats, sublime serpents, spirited skeletons, gorgeous gourds, and breathtakingly “restored” babydolls, I set about photographing this family with all the whimsical trimmings of the Halloween season. The kids went on a hunt for the elusive seasonal pumpkin eggs, containing treats and occasionally cash. The family decorated their beautiful black tree, adorning it with vomiting jack-o-lanterns and zombie unicorns, all while being watched over by a charming 8′ skeleton who eternally places a giant eyeball on the tree top. Melanie and Ryan celebrated the season by opening a box of “aged” cereal that they were letting ripen until the exact right moment, and grimaced with what I can only assume was sheer delight as they ate hardened bites of expired food from ~2018. Their cat Chloe participated by dressing up as a bat and modeling in the most adorable way in front of a black tea set. Finally, a killer clown emerged with an enormous, glimmering pair of scissors and chased everyone around – presumably to give them free haircuts, how nice. I love this family and their love for Halloween, which continues to live in all of our hearts 365 days a year. And always remember, if you can’t summon the flames directly from Hell, store-bought is fine.

We were so honored to be asked by Sara and Sam, two amazing photographers behind McCormick and Moore Photography in Holly Springs, to shoot some promo shots for them as well as an updated couple session in and around their house. They have four cats so we said absolutely (we would’ve said yes anyway, but sometimes I need the blog to sound dramatic). We got to meet some of the cats (including, briefly, Lady Esmeralda von Poofington, the best cat name of all time), and we also got to teach Sara and Sam how to appropriately name the plagues and diseases that you’re spreading through the world in the board game Pandemic (it’s no fun unless you name them). They like a lot of games and a lot of good tv. Sara likes reading and making jewelry, and Sam likes cooking and the numbers 6 and 28. But when they’re not being awesome at home, they’re being awesome out taking pictures of families, pets, and kids at their photo business, and we couldn’t be happier to be asked to take pictures of these two photographers!

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