These folks (and their cats) are near and dear to my heart! I met them back when they were a husband and wife photography team, photographed them after they had changed careers and before they had Julian, then photographed them most recently in early 2020 when Julian was just learning how to walk. Now Sara has grown her astrology business into a super successful career and has published books and planners, Sam works for a major company, and Julian is not only walking but flying between rooms. It’s been so fun to see the changes in all of them throughout the years. Their adorable cats, though, have held steady and are exactly the same and still very adorable. Biscuit and Miss Poofy (see if you can determine who is who) made appearances in exchange for treats and head scratches and were very good models. Julian is a little wild ball of 4 year-old energy that is friendly and sweet and LOVES cats. He also loves making tea in the backyard out of sand and water from the swimming pool, gardening, and reading. He’s a super successful reader who just picked up on reading himself – one day his parents just found that Julian was able to read – and I imagine that one day they’ll wake up to find that Julian has also picked up on calculus by himself, or maybe astrophysics. He’s just that sort of kid. He gave me lots of hugs when I left and asked if he could get in my car so I could take him to Marbles.

I last photographed Sara and Sam back in May of 2015! So much has changed for them since then: different jobs, a different house, and now they have a darling son named Julian. The things that have not changed are Sara’s love for cats, Sam’s love for board games, and that both of them are still two of the nicest people in the world. Julian is busy keeping them on their toes: adorably yet intentionally dropping sweet potato on their beautiful kitchen rug juuuust off his plastic mat where it would be okay if food landed, making them drive him around in his sweet orange convertible race car wagon thing that inexplicably yet awesomely makes engine revving noises when you push the horn, and enjoying listening to his parents read him books about role-playing games. He’s a fast kid – on the verge of deciding whether he wants to walk or crawl everywhere but is fast at both, and clearly a cat lover at a very young age. Cats Biscuit and Miss Poofy (technically titled Lady Esmeralda von Poofington) made appearances: Miss Poofy living up to her dramatic name by suddenly jumping up and walking on the piano and then lounging on the piano bench. And we took some updated headshots of Sara while we were at it – she has a gorgeous new office where she works on astrology. It was so nice to see these guys again and to photograph their clearly very adorable and spunky young son! Also their cats… obviously.

It’s always a wonderful experience working for another photographer, especially one so talented as Victoria. She does amazing family photography work and I was so happy to get the chance to photograph her in front of the lens with her family. But the BEST part of this session was working with people from another country, which I absolutely love doing! I learn so much. Victoria and her husband Alexander are Russian, and they moved to the US just a few years ago. They just recently bought a house and wanted to document the new house, their family, as well as Victoria’s mother Natalia who was visiting from Russia. They have three boys: Svyat, Seva, and Serafim, as well as a dog named Alfonse and two cats named Tim and Philip (the very bestest cats). Svyat and Seva are fluent in both Russian (which they speak at home) and English (which they speak in school). But Serafim, the youngest, speaks only Russian.

I thought maybe Serafim might be a little afraid of me, not only because 50% of four year olds I photograph are outgoing and the other 50% are a bit wary, but he has the added challenge of me speaking a different language than him. But oh my goodness – NO. He constantly joked with me! He is HILARIOUS – a practical joker and just an overall extremely funny boy. And it was amazing how much we could communicate with just our facial expressions and kung fu moves/noises. I absolutely love him, he is great and kept me laughing the whole time. Svyat and Seva (who speak English as well as any American kid) were GREAT helpers who followed my directions so well and helped me translate to Serafim when needed. They are all truly amazing kids and I’m so impressed by this family’s love and sense of humor.