I Break for Turkey.

Hey everyone! I’m here to announce a brief blogging hiatus as I take my Thanksgiving vacation. :) I’ll still be shooting, responding to e-mails, and stalking people on Facebook, but I won’t be editing, placing orders, or blogging until my triumphant return on November 28th. Thank you for your patience during this time. Also, since it is that thankful time of year, I’d like to tell my clients past and present that Geoff and myself are always thankful for you. :) You make our world go round! Now go enjoy some quality time with the family, eat all the turkey you possibly can, and eat a lot of things containing gluten for me. ;) I’m going to go be a big pain in my family’s butt as I make them eat gluten-free pumpkin pie, turkey with stuffing on the side, and furiously scrubbing down the kitchen to avoid cross-gluten-contamination. :P Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! See you in a few! xoxo.