Doing at-home lifestyle family documentation is normally a very fun thing to do, but it becomes even more fun when the family is British and have fun accents, and when their 3-year-old daughter makes you tea. Clare and Dan live in a phenomenal old neighborhood in Durham that reminds me a bit of my old ‘hood in Pittsburgh. And their house is adorable, bright, fun, and 100% complete with KISS Mr. Potato Head dolls. They moved from the UK to America several years ago and first landed in Los Angeles, and then hopped across the US to land in Durham. From across the pond they bring with them their wonderful senses of humor but also the knowledge of this British kid’s television show involving a cute monster-looking guy whose name currently escapes me but was reminiscent in the best ways of My Pet Monster (which was brilliant). Harper likes this monster, but also Daniel Tiger and Peppa Pig, and also occasionally snacking on goldfish crackers straight off the pond on top of the dollhouse that Clare painstakingly made her. Baby Lyla is happy and sleepy, and not yet appreciative of all of Clare’s household crafts (of which there are many fabulous ones!). I had a great time hanging out with this family and learning such phrases like being “duffed up on the nugget.”

Two things here.

First – Imma let you finish, but Elliott is the happiest baby OF ALL TIME. I know you might think you have a happy baby and you are like sure, sure, but then I dare you to look through these pictures and see what you think by the end of it. Your kid probably looks mega depressed now, doesn’t he? He is so ridiculously happy that I was afraid he might explode with joy, but much to our delight, he successfully stayed in one piece for the duration of the shoot. It’s possible that he’s not normally that happy, but rather that I don’t know the strength of my own charm and charisma. But, seeing as how no other babies, children, grown adults, nor pets have reacted this way, I can only assume it’s just Elliott. Perhaps he’s an alien (happiest best alien EVER!) or perhaps we just had a really great nap. Either way, we love him. He’s very charming.

Second – he is also the tallest baby ever. He’s 8 months old, but definitely is as tall as some toddlers I know, and basically half my height already. He’s going to be great at basketball.

Elliott, while stealing the majority of the spotlight, is accompanied by his parents Gina and Pete. They dressed him in striped footie pajamas that paid tribute to Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, who had died just before our session. Much respect. Gina and Pete are really cool and the most handy people we’ve ever encountered. Almost everything in their house has been built or sanded/stained or wired by Pete. He casually threw out there that he’s even made all the lamps and picture frames. They have an apple orchard they just planted! They have a backsplash they just tiled! They are crafty and cute and we like them too. Also in the adorable accessory department are Jethro (hound mix) and Cosima (German Shepherd) who are VERY GOOD boys and girls. Lots of sitting, lots of staying, lots of casually and cutely glancing at the camera. Fairly certain that Cosima has some sort of secret modeling pact with Elliott to land a high-profile baby food commercial together, and I don’t have a baby, but I’d still order whatever they were selling anyway.