We liked Ashley and Kyle as soon as we met them. First, Ashley is a bit littler than I am which always makes me happy because I think that’s happened exactly twice, and it enables me to have a lot easier time photographing them because no step stools are involved. Second, they love cats as much as we do and slightly more (Ashley could probably talk me into the pros of adopting twenty more cats if I gave her fifteen minutes and I would be thoroughly convinced). Third, they’re big fans of both zombies and the 1990s… and the song “Zombie” from the 1990s… which Kyle played while proposing to Ashley (if that doesn’t make a girl say yes, I’m not sure what does). So, basically, they’re us, only with a little more cats and slightly less height. We had an awesome time getting to know ourselves a bit better during their session. We did run into a slight hiccup when Ashley stepped into the territory of some unfriendly fire ants, but not before she and Kyle had already defaced the side of a building with their wedding date (don’t worry, it was chalk spray paint, which, amazingly, not only washes off in the rain, but is surprisingly just as bright as normal spray paint!). We’re looking forward to playing some Munchkin with these folks and hanging out with more cats. ;)