Meet the Zitzmann family! This ship is captained by Vanessa and John (mom and dad) and their crew is Luke and Scott. Luke and Scott look remarkably similar, but Luke is two years older at 6 years. Vanessa is the sister of my friend Daniel and I had the pleasure of first meeting these guys at Daniel’s wedding in March. Fast family facts: John made a lot of faces in Daniel’s formal wedding pictures which Vanessa expressly forbid him to do in these portraits, and he tried his hardest to hold back. ;) Vanessa wanted the pictures done at Theatre in the Park where she spends a lot of time currently rehearsing for A Christmas Carol. And Luke and Scott like to run, jump, run, jump, run, run, run, jump, run, and hang out with their stuffed Yoshi from Super Mario. My kind of crew. Needless to say, we had a ton of fun running around! Afterward, Vanessa had a ton of fun getting leaves all over the dressing room floor, and I had a ton of fun getting the leaves out of my boots, socks, hair, etc. ;) Enjoy this super fun and adorable family!

…and afterward they collapsed into a pile of exhaustion. ;)