It was so, so cold when Geoff and I shot Katie and Blake’s engagement session in February in Raleigh. At the time, Blake had moved from Houston, Texas to be stationed in Fort Bragg as he took classes to become a medic in the military. Katie stayed behind at her accounting job in Texas, both of them waiting to see where Blake would be stationed later this year. They planned their wedding to be in Katy, Texas… just a little outside of Houston. I was under the strict understanding that no, they did not need a wedding photographer, they just needed their engagement portraits done for Save the Dates. So we did them. And found out shortly thereafter that we’d be coming to Texas for their wedding. ;) I’m not sure a photographer can receive a higher compliment than when “No, we don’t need you for your wedding” turns into, “Can you we fly you to Texas?”.

Literally everyone at their wedding treated us like family. It was my birthday and they got me a card with a cat on it (how did you know?!). We felt so utterly appreciated in a job that can be occasionally a tad thankless that I called my parents from Texas gushing, “Everyone’s just so nice!!” Katie and Blake are now married and have moved to Nashville where Blake is stationed in nearby Kentucky. I was sad they didn’t end up in North Carolina, but maybe someday. ;) I hope you enjoy their wedding pictures as much as I do… and thank you so much, Katie and Blake, for everything you’ve done for us and giving us this amazing opportunity. Congratulations again x2000 and we hope we soon you again soon. :)

Date: October 7th, 2011

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Tuscany Villa // Katy, Texas

Officiant: Rev. Rebecca Wilson

Flowers: Dream Bouquet

DJ: LG Entertainers

Cake: Edible Designs by Jessie

Cupcakes: Crave Cupcakes