day 18/365


for those of you who live in the raleigh/durham area, you should know that locopops is the best popsicle place ever. if you haven’t yet experienced the joy, you should get there as quickly as possible. before i moved to raleigh, i didn’t even know that someplace like this might even exist where common and bizarre ingredients are mixed together to create the best tasting thing that $2.50 can buy. i am in love.

carolyn scott photography’s favorite flavors: chocolate brownie, mojito, cherry lime, pomegranate tangerine, and today’s guest star that stole my heart: thin mint. ::sigh::


locopops why 365?

2 Responses to “day 18/365”


  1. Bridgett

    Love the Locopops! Love that your eating popsicles right now too — i want one! Your photography has been an amazing influence, carolyn, and I love the newer stuff you’ve been posting. I just want you to know that I watch you site all the time for updates and someday I want to go shooting w/you!

    • carolyn

      thank you, bridgett!! i can’t wait to see your website – i’m sure it will be gorgeous! whenever i’m on an extended stay in the ‘burgh i’ll get in touch and we’ll go out to the point!


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