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the results of following small children around with a camera.

recently i showcased pictures of dolfy taken with my new portrait lens, but today i added pictures of this beautiful little girl to my portfolio! there were some super sweet shots which are under portraits>kids in my portfolio, and here are some others that came in close seconds.

2_1728x1152-copy 6_1728x1152-copy 244_1728x1152-copy 288_1728x1152-copy 351_1728x1152-copy 391_1728x1152-copy 425_1728x1152-copy

after several days of following her around with a camera, she was a little irritated and began to say “bye bye!” when i would pull out the camera, haha.

in other news, the weather should be getting nicer soon and i have a pretty booked spring in terms of portraits and a wedding to shoot in may. other than that i’ve been filling my time reading, watching 24, and playing resident evil 5. the weather better break soon so i can get out of the house. ;)


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