This was a fabulous wedding. I knew it from the minute I saw the llamas. And Meggie and Tanner, of course. This was one of our Skype consultation weddings and we couldn’t have been happier to meet the wonderful pair in person. They were living in two different states at the time of the consult… and then we’ve come to realize that together both of them (and their friends) have probably lived in about all 50 states between them. I’d need some sort of large map with lots of strings and pushpins to adequately explain the states and all of the relationships involved, but you’ll just have to trust me that there’s been a lot. I do know that Meggie was born in Texas and Tanner was born in Kansas and that they both live in Minnesota now, but in between there was Florida and California and North Carolina and several other places that I lost track of quite quickly. But the good news is that they were engaged in Asheville and wanted to have their wedding in the North Carolina mountains, so luckily for us they picked the fantastically amazing wedding venue that is the Hawkesdene House and hired us to photograph it. Yesss! The wedding was in the Smoky Mountains (very close to the Tennessee border) and was awesome.

There was a venue cat (the best type of cat) named Polar and these giant fluffy dogs that lived down the street on the appropriately named Bear Dog Drive. There were llamas and mountains and adorable flower girls and lots of grasshoppers that were attacking Meggie’s dress during most of the portraits. There was an outdoor ceremony by a gorgeous stream and in lieu of traditional wedding venues, Meggie and Tanner bought a cow as part of a program that donates cows to villages to support themselves via the milk and cheese, etc. The venue had a gator (think large, 4-wheel drive golf cart) and hiked Meggie, Tanner, and myself up to the top of the mountain in one of the most treacherous transportation adventures I’ve ever had (worth it!). All in all, it was super awesome, and it was great seeing Meggie and Tanner so adorably in love in one of the prettiest settings on Earth. (P.S. My promise to blog 50 pictures for weddings has clearly gone out the window as of lately… I seriously have no culling self-control).

First Dance Song: “Lucky” – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Meggie’s Occupation: Associate Brand Manager for ConAgra

Tanner’s Occupation: Financial Analyst for Syngenta

How You Met: In business school at the University of Iowa.  Meggie asked Tanner to be her VP in her run for presidency of the student organization and Tanner turned her down.  But Meggie was persistent and finally got a date.

Interesting Fact About Meggie: Loves Pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup)

Interesting Fact About Tanner: Can touch his nose with his tongue

Honeymoon Destination: British Virgin Islands

Date: August 11, 2012

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Hawkesdene House // Andrews, NC

Officiant: Adam Strauss (friend of Meggie and Tanner)

DJ: Alex DJ Entertainment

Florist: Jane Schuelke (mother of the bride)

Pies: Merciers Orchard

Caterer: Hawkesdene House

Hair/Makeup: Rachael Hoch

here’s to you… up late… sitting on your couch watching, well, whatever is on wednesday nights. i am here to satisfy your late night munchies. that is, of course, assuming that by “late night munchies” you mean “strong craving for lots of heavy german food.”

i don’t have a “commercial” section on my portfolio page because i simply don’t do commercial stuff that often. so i’ll be posting the stuff from the bavarian brathaus in my blog for the next couple of days. and you know, for all of the talk about how german food looks unappetizing, their chef does a fantastic job of making everything look spectacular. hats off to that guy.


and what’s the fun in eating german food without a little drinking?

barvarian-brathaus-464-copy barvarian-brathaus-051-copy

super place – more to come in the next few days.


recently i showcased pictures of dolfy taken with my new portrait lens, but today i added pictures of this beautiful little girl to my portfolio! there were some super sweet shots which are under portraits>kids in my portfolio, and here are some others that came in close seconds.

2_1728x1152-copy 6_1728x1152-copy 244_1728x1152-copy 288_1728x1152-copy 351_1728x1152-copy 391_1728x1152-copy 425_1728x1152-copy

after several days of following her around with a camera, she was a little irritated and began to say “bye bye!” when i would pull out the camera, haha.

in other news, the weather should be getting nicer soon and i have a pretty booked spring in terms of portraits and a wedding to shoot in may. other than that i’ve been filling my time reading, watching 24, and playing resident evil 5. the weather better break soon so i can get out of the house. ;)