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leggo my lego.

raleigh has a LEGO store! it just opened in crabtree valley mall not too long ago. we finally had a break in our schedule to allow us time to visit last week. it was everything i dreamed a lego store would be. tiny choking hazards everywhere! it is amazing. they even have a wall of loose legos that you can throw in a bucket because you know you’re always losing pieces under the couch. they have every lego thing ever. they even have legos whose difficulty labels them 14+ on the boxes. they looked pretty intense. they also have little mini lego scenes setup throughout the store. they seemed to be doing really well! i hope they stick around because that mall could use some fun.

and of course, we bought ourselves indiana jones lego magnets for our fridge. they are real legos but they have a big magnet on the lego base that sticks to your fridge.  of course, they also come apart like real legos do, so when you slam your freezer door too hard marion’s torch can go flying across your kitchen:


indy’s whip or gun can land in your cat’s bowl:


or sean connery’s map can become lodged in some piece of meat thawing on your countertop:

sean“not a fan of the ladies, are you trebek?”

these are by far the best kitchen investment we’ve made in a long time. forget about the new garbage can, the new faucet, or new electric chopper. we’re talking about having tiny removeable pieces of plastic attached to your fridge that vaguely resemble famous people from a movie almost 30 years old! that’s where it’s at.


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