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the opposite of listless.


former teachers keep all their stuff…especially magnetic letters.

just a reminder of the few of the our sales going on:

– brides who contact me before august 15th are eligable for a $500 wedding package that includes all day coverage and all edited images on a high-resolution cd.

– all wedding and portrait packages are 10% off when you book before december 31, 2009, no matter the date you’re booking for.

in other news, i’m a little overbooked. :) not a lot! just a little. i’m going out of town this weekend which eats up a lot of my time, but i’ve never been to busch gardens so time will just have to wait. i have four shoots happening alone in the weekend after. i’m also doing some commercial and event photography on the side (in addition to portraits and weddings). crazy! lots of fun, though. part of the reason i love this job is that i get to meet all sorts of people in all sorts of places doing all sorts of stuff.

oh and speaking of shoots coming up, i am incredibly desperate to find a vintage suitcase. a client suggested it and i love the idea. i’ve been scouring the area thrift stores for the perfect one… i’m still looking if anyone has suggestions! i’d like it to be a hard case and preferably a bright color, a burnt orange, or a weird green (like a dark chartreuse color).

so i have a lot going on in photography land and in personal land (update: the kittens feel better and are 100% okay now after their vaccine struggle). and i am a person of lists in order to keep track of all of it. i make lists everywhere:

-on the fridge

-on the dry erase board in my office

-on the dry erase board in the fridge

-on my wall calendar

-on my desk calendar

-in my planner

-on my phone

-on pieces of paper hung up with magnets and clothespins in various locations throughout the house

i write lists. i cross things out. i highlight things i’ve completed. since i have so many lists in so many locations about so many different things, a lot of the subjects and items on the lists overlap. i can see at least 4 lists pertaining to my photography in my sight at this very moment. it’s a little overwhelming… especially since i probably wrote down the same thing in 3 different places, so it looks like i have a lot more to do than i actually have to accomplish. however! it is a great, great feeling to highlight things off the list. very therapeutic. sometimes there’s even a brief five minutes when you consolidate all of the lists and realize that you’ve done all of them! (note: this hardly ever happens).

most of the time i find myself highlighting items like i’ve done them but i actually just moving them further down the calendar. there’s a lot to do… and to sum up my life right now in photographs, there is too much of this:


lists everywhere!

and not nearly enough of the following things:


sleep: specifically sleeping in your awesome sleep mask that you know kanye west would totally approve of.


and time: seriously. where does it go. i’m beginning to suspect my eco drive watch is not only running on solar power but also every second i spend on facebook.

and although i can tell you that i have been busy, i can also tell you that i’d be getting a lot more done if it would stop raining. really. i don’t remember it being this soggy last year, but this it’s been raining for over a month straight now every day and it’s messing with my allergies and my will to get anything accomplished. i am actually beginning to wonder if my first chance to see the sun will be when i go home to pittsburgh for my mum’s birthday in september. there is really something wrong with this picture if i am looking to pittsburgh to provide me with sunny weather. happy fun sunny awesome raleigh where are you? because all i see out my deck right now are mild doom clouds, a drowning plant, and depressed deck furniture that would like to be used:




    Nothing Sean

    While I don’t really call them lists, I pretty much do the same thing with notes. I tend to be forgetful a lot and so one day at work my boss gave me a notepad and told me to write down anything important so that I don’t forget. I ended up not only using it for work, but to remember personal things as well. But then I got the habit of ripping out my personal notes and bringing them back home. I would then throw them on my desk where they would pile up in a mess over time.

    So a couple months ago I decided to buy myself a little pocket notepad to carry around. Wow it makes the world of difference! Anytime I have a thought the pad is right there. I write down potential blog topics, grocery lists, things I need to search online, songs to download, etc…

    I agree, where does the time go?! It’s really frustrating. I can’t believe it’s already August.

      Nothing carolyn

      i know of someone else who does the pocket notebook thing! i totally need something like that. i actually probably need a blackberry or something, but i’ve found that there is no electronic satisfaction equal to actually writing it down and crossing it out. deleting things just doesn’t do it for me.


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