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vintage suitcases, lemmy and sully.

ran around, had a consult, got hopped up on caffeine, and visited the best thriftstore ever where i finally found an unending supply of awesome vintage suitcases. i couldn’t choose so i bought 2, but i really could’ve bought 5 or 6. they are old school samonsites from back in the day. you know the type, hardcover with metal fasteners and probably a small trace of asbestos. also got some other cool stuff for props… exciting. again – best thriftstore ever!  i also need to go to father and son’s sometime to have a look around too. they’re a really great thriftstore in downtown raleigh and i know they’d have awesome stuff, but they’re slightly more “upscale” as they get a lot of their things from auctions and are genuinely vintage, so i like to look at cheaper thriftstores first before i spring for the expensive thriftstores, hah.

can’t wait for this trash the dress session on saturday. cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain.

finally getting around to all of the pictures of lemmy (logan lemewski) and sully (sullivan), my sister’s kittens. i took them when she first got them so that she could remember them when they got big. about a half a year later i am finally getting around to editing all of them. sorry, laura. :) typically the shooting, editing, delivery turn around time is 4-6 weeks, but it’s 4-6 months if you’re my relative. :) unfortunately in terms of editing priorities they get the short end of the stick. :(

but cute as buttons, here are some of the kitties. also, i think that my ratio of kittens to everything else i write about is really out of proportion at this point. oh well.


232 1731


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    Nothing Sean

    I love the second pictures of both Lemmy and Sully the most. Lemmy’s wide eyed expression is adorable ( I want that as my wallpaper or something lol!) and the second Sully picture is very artsy!

    My brother’s girlfriend just moved in and she has a cat that she actually has to give away. She’s trying to give her to a friend. Sadly for me, the cat is the kind that doesn’t like any human interaction at all and just hides all the time. It has apparently been living in my house for 2 weeks and I had no idea until 2 days ago!

    Random question: What are the icons used when people post comments on your blog? They are very interesting.

      Nothing carolyn

      Thanks, Sean!

      They are little monsters. With WordPress you have the choice of a silhouette of a man, nothing, your own icon, or little monsters. And who doesn’t love little monsters? :)

    Nothing Laura

    My kitties! They must be getting big because they look so little there! Awwww they need new portraits! Which I fully expect to be edited no sooner than next January :) It’s cool…still haven’t started your Steelers scarf…

      Nothing carolyn

      they do need new and updated portraits! but see – now you can see how big they’ve gotten which was the purpose of the portraits in the first place! :P :)


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