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dear everyone,

a while ago i stumbled across the blog life of cinematic moments while searching for who knows what. we’ve all done it…searched for something and ended up on some random’s person webpage due to the intricate workings of the google. i bookmarked her page and, a month or two later, she wrote an essay that i could relate to all too well: people who’ve searched for completely random stuff and somehow ended up on her site.

i too have a webpage thingy that enables me to see how many visitors i have per day, where they’re from, and, of course, how they find me. now i write a lot about photography, but i also write a lot about personal and/or random things because i get bored talking about and reading about shutter speeds, iso, and aperature settings all the time. needless to say, people have found me while searching for some interesting stuff.

a lot of it i can understand since a keyword here or there will match up with something i’ve written about at some point in time (i.e. the searches for “taxidermy bat”, “copperhead let loose”, catnip mustaches”, and “kitten rabies and distemper” are semi-logical entries to my blog…although i wonder what that says about my life). however, there have been some search terms in the past that are far-fetched to say the least…matching keywords or not. and i, following in the footsteps of the life of cinematic moments blog, would like to address some of my searchees:

search results that landed people on

1. carolyn’s amusement park, north carolina: totally awesome! i had no idea there was such a thing. i do hope that i have an amusement park named after me somewhere around here because i am really missing kennywood right now.

2. choosing the right telephoto sharks: is this one search or multiple searches gone wrong? are you trying to choose the right telephoto lens and also looking up sharks? or are you trying to choose the right telephoto lens to capture sharks? either way, i have no experience photographing sharks, but i do agree that you need a telephoto…but even then that’s pretty ambitious.

3. as far as i know i do not have an alter ego web address, but apparently if you google an actual address you can still end up on another completely unrelated one.

4. excursions for dad, cape hatteras, nc: love the fact that someone is planning an excursion for dad!! good for you guys. dad will love cape hatteras just as long as you cover him in mosquito repellent.

5. how to make a real life alice in wonderland toad stool: dude, you are asking the wrong person. are you talking like, the size of the one in alice in wonderland? and is that size compared to your actual size or your shrunk alice in wonderland size? are you talking actual toadstools or models? this is a very complicated search.

6. photographers that take gun pictures, raleigh, nc: again…asking the wrong person. this is just about as perplexing as

i love these google gems. i also love the fact that because i have blogged about the outrageous mosquito population on the coast and my love for deet, i have received countless hits that follow in the footsteps of these great search terms:

“insect bite pictures common in raleigh, nc”

“nc beach bug bites in head”

“large insect bites on leg while sleeping”

“giant outer banks mosquito”

love it. but by far my favorite search term of all?  “where is carolyn scott.”

i’m right here, kids. and, thanks to the amazing wonder that is the internet, you can now find me while trying to find someone to take a picture of your gun or when you’re planning excusions for dad.



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