dear wheat,

today i come crawling back.

after an almost definite diagnosis of celiac disease, we are back to the drawing board as today my team of doctors for the past 1.5 months announced that they can’t find anything wrong with me. that’s right. my stomach was visibly irritated and inflamed during the endoscopy, but they don’t know the reason for it and i’ve tested negative for everything they considered to be important, so they’re sending me on my way. and, after being doubled over in sickness and weakness for a long time, i don’t even have the words to say how irritated i am, but i guess it’s not their fault that they can’t diagnose me with anything concrete…and after spending several thousand dollars, i think i’m done getting tests for a while. :)

so today, wheat, i end my week-long avoidance of you due to my doctors telling me that they thought i was sick because of your tasty goodness. please accept my apologies and let me come back into your life. i love you, wheat.




evil wheat,

it was a false alarm.

the doctors told me i could eat you, so i did… and became violently ill shortly later. i have my eye on you, wheat. i don’t know what you’re doing yet, but i will find out…even if it takes a team of allergists and GI doctors. curse you, wheat. tonight i snuggle up with my rice cakes.




why 365?

i realize the past two days have been devoted to pictures of food, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. i was diagnosed with an ulcer, then a potentially failing gall bladder, then an ulcer again. given lots of medication, changing medication, going off medication, going back on medication…baah.

today i had my first endoscopy, which turned out to not be scary at all! however, they didn’t find an ulcer. they biopsied a suspicious-looking stomach, however, and we’ll get the results in 5-7 days (ugh!). they’re thinking possibly celiac disease (in short, gluton would be toxic and would have to be avoided). whatever the case, i can’t wait for the medical mystery tour to be over.

thank goodness that, for several reasons, i blocked out a two week period of down time before all of the weddings start. once that hits, it’s weddings all the time until the end of fall, so thankfully this is getting taken care of before that starts. it has taken a lot of time away from other things that i wanted to be doing during this period, but oh well.

in good GOOD news though, we’re redesigning the site this week!!! man it is going to look sweet. same basic principals, but we’re sprucing it up a little bit and making some color changes… stay tuned! we’re also going to be making the blog pictures a little bigger and redoing the watermark. all fun stuff.


will i be able to eat you in the future, sweet sweet gluten-y cookie?

why 365?

my wedding vendor interview for this week is stephen scott, a raleigh wedding DJ who I’ve previously had the pleasure of working with. stephen is very professional, organized, and has fantastic equipment. i would recommend him to anyone, so i’ve featured him in our blog to give my brides and the rest of the internet world a peak inside his head!

stephen scott: raleigh wedding DJ

Stephen Scott

Professional Entertainment


1.) What made you decide to become a wedding DJ?

I love music and making people dance. A wedding reception is the best place to show your skills and create a memory that will last a life time.

2.) What is your favorite thing about DJing at a wedding?

Being part of someones special day and the fact that it is a joyful experience were everyone is happy.

3.) What is something you wish you’d have known when you first started to DJ?

I wish I would have purchased the best equipment first, the quality is there and it lasts!

4.) How do you go about deciding on the playlist for a reception?

I use my DJ PLANNING GUIDE to help with all of these type of show specifics.  You answer questions based on people’s ages, number of each attending, types of music styles they like, specific artists they listen to, do they want line dances, what music they do not want played, plus songs they must have played.  I take all the information and design a show that will build in excitement and cater to all ages at first and then slowly fade in the newer music at the end of the night.  My goal, as your wedding DJ, is to provide entertainment and the right music environment that will help you and your guests enjoy themselves.

5.) What type of equipment do you bring with you?

Top of the line equipment with a superior sound quality.  I also bring back up gear to solve any equipment failures that might stop the music production.   Having been a DJ for over 10 years, problems will arise that you must solve, the show must go on!!!

6.) Do you DJ other types of events as well?

I can DJ any type of event, my focus and expertise is wedding services.  To be in the top of your field you must focus on doing something well.

7.) What is the craziest thing you’ve seen take place at a reception?

I saw the bride break dance in her wedding dress, what a sight and a great moment that night!

8.) What do you think a bride should look for in a wedding DJ?

A professional with experience that has a system in place that covers everything that will happen that night, like my DJ PLANNING GUIDE.  Not only does this make the reception go smoothly but will organize the other vendors like photographers and videographers to the formalities that are taking place.

**thank you, stephen, for taking the time to be a part of this interview and i can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!